Mycologist-engineer living and working in Cascadia. Recent R&D Director at Fungi Perfecti LLC, current doctoral researcher/student at the Winkler lab (env engineering) at the University of Washington in Seattle. A friend of the future ✨

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🍄 Projects

Conservation mycology - surveys to support conservation campaigns

🌲 Essays

Ghost pipe: grief remedies and metaphors for the Anthropocene

Microseasons of Cascadia

Nootropics: the new adaptogens

Turkey tail mushrooms and the antifragility of immunity

Artemisinin and the Nobel prize: a tale of two medical systems

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts: whole Artemisia plant overcomes Artemisin-resistant malaria

🌿 Works in progress

Fungal infections and the mycological posthuman

A hyperlocal history of place

Tradition is innovation and other useful paradoxes

🌱 Emerging topics, notes

Networks, webs, and fungal metaphors - what if AI could think like a fungus?